Delayed update on Chemo Round #8

I want to start of apologizing for the delayed post about my FINAL CHEMO. Although, I am almost a month out from my last round of chemo, it is not any less exciting. May 30, 2017 Tuesday, 11:oo am I remember the excitement I felt that morning like it was yesterday. When I woke up […]

Chemo Round #7

ALMOST DONE!!!! May 16, 2017 Tuesday, 10:00 am A little update how things went after Round #6: Progressively as I have gotten further into treatments I have been handling it more poorly. I have always been fatigued after treatments but nothing compared to what I felt this past treatment. No matter how much  I slept, […]

Chemo Round #6, Nashville, Prom

May 2, 2017 Tuesday 10:20 am Following treatment five, I went to Nashville, Tennessee for the weekend. I had a blast but between the constant rain and the cold, it did affect my mood and how I felt. The weather without a doubt plays on how I feel, I have noticed. The rain and cold […]

Don’t Hush Your Child

When I first shaved my head, I was mortified if someone stared at me. I did not understand how morally they thought it was alright to just stare. The only ones that never seemed to bother me were the children. Their childhood is the time to mold and teach them and prepare them for adulthood, […]

Chemo Round # 4

April 4, 2017 Tuesday, 10:00 am Following treatment three, it did hit harder than my other treatments and I am still not sure why. The week following treatment was a lot better. I had energy, I was able to clean and even do workouts some days. It was nice. I have to admit, going through […]


Looking back, I don’t recall a time that I wasn’t self conscious about the way I looked. I wanted to change anything I could about myself, from my hair to my toes. I know that doesn’t set me aside from the pack, but takes a toll on you nonetheless. The insecurity got to the point […]