Delayed update on Chemo Round #8

I want to start of apologizing for the delayed post about my FINAL CHEMO. Although, I am almost a month out from my last round of chemo, it is not any less exciting.

May 30, 2017

Tuesday, 11:oo am

I remember the excitement I felt that morning like it was yesterday. When I woke up that morning, I could not wait to get the day started (I am not a morning person, so that is saying a lot. Haha)! I knew that in a couple hours I would be done and hopefully done for good! I prepared for treatment the same as I had for the seven treatments prior, but with a lot more pep in my step. Afterall, I FINALLY GOT TO RING THE BELL!!

It being my last treatment, did not make the treatment any less horrible than the one prior. It took so much more out of me. The days following the treatment, all I could do was sleep. I wasn’t hungry and for anyone that knows me, knows that doesn’t happen! I am almost ALWAYS hungry. It took almost a week, if not longer, for my color to return to my face, the fatigue to subside, and me to overall get on my way to being the HEALTHY version of me.

The relief that I feel knowing that I am cancer free and done with treatments is something I won’t be able to explain. I know I won’t have others constantly worrying if I am okay and essentially get life back to the “normal” that I am use to. I want to thank everyone that followed my journey and supported me through it all. Each of you played such an important role in my cancer journey and I really will never be able to thank any of you enough. The support helped keep my moral up and my positive spirit high.

I have decided to keep writing on my blog, even though the main part of my journey has subsided. The blog has served as a positive outlet through this process and has gotten me back into writing again. I might not post as frequently as I did, but I will still be posting, nonetheless.

** I will also like to put a reminder out there to sign up for the charity softball tournament that the Lebanon Fire Department is putting on. ALL proceeds go to the Boone County Cancer Society in my name.

The tournament is August 5, 2017.  A team must have at least 10 players to play the field, but can exceed that amount. Teams may be co-ed. The entry fee for a TEAM is $200 due the day of the tournament. Teams can go ahead and register NOW to give an idea of how many teams we have playing. Again, entry fee is not due until the day of.

For more information or to register go to the City of Lebanon Fire Department page and go to events!

** The Lebanon Fire Department is also currently selling their annual cancer shirts, all proceeds also go to the Boone County Cancer Society! The shirts are $15 a piece and below is a picture of what they look like!

Remember, all is for a good cause!

dad and me.jpg






One thought on “Delayed update on Chemo Round #8

  1. Girl…….PRAISE GOD!!!! I am over the moon happy for you !!! Thank you for being bold enough to let us all tag along on such a personal, emotional, and life changing journey with you!! While I’ve never had to go through anything you have, I can only pray that if I do, I can be as strong, positive, and bold as you have been through this whole experience!!! There is no doubt in my mind that you have helped many other people that may have been traveling the same road as you by blogging your entire journey! You are a world changer Halie Cope and I’m honored to have shared your experience with you, from a distance and learning what it means to truly be strong in every sense!! YOU’RE DONE….YOU’RE CANCER FREE!!!! AND YOU ARE A BEAUTIFUL BLESSING TO THIS WORLD 💖💖💖💖

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