Chemo Round #7


May 16, 2017

Tuesday, 10:00 am

A little update how things went after Round #6: Progressively as I have gotten further into treatments I have been handling it more poorly. I have always been fatigued after treatments but nothing compared to what I felt this past treatment. No matter how much  I slept, the feeling never subsided. IF I got spurts of energy, it was for little increments of time. Technically during treatment I am supposed to try my best to stay away from caffeine, but that is what calls my name the most. Yet, it doesn’t ever do much, if it does anything at all. A girl can only hope, really.

I have worked all through my treatment and honestly it never took too much out of me or so it felt. Well, this last go around I took a hard hit. Not that my job changed or is too terribly demanding, but I am on my feet all day, moving, mixed with the fatigue, at the end of the day gets ya. Luckily, my co workers are fabulous and work with me when I need it.

Not only did I feel tired ALL THE TIME, I looked how I felt. I don’t know how else to describe besides I looked like I had gotten punched in the eyes. The day after chemo, my eyes always get dark bags and my cheeks get bright red, but that normally subsides as the day goes on. This last time that lasted for days. Dang near the whole week following chemo. I can’t even begin to guess how many times someone asked if I was okay or if I felt alright.

Yesterday as I went into treatment, I went in with nothing but smiles. Yesterday’s treatment was the stepping stone for me to be able to say, “ONE MORE TREATMENT!” I am so excited to try to get my life back. Granted, I know that I have not had to fight as long or extensive as some, but what I did do was enough for me. It was so mentally and physically exhausting. I don’t care how positive you are and remain through everything, treatments still kick your butt. So far, I have only been super tired and nauseous. With the past treatments I have been a little nauseous, but the medicine really helped, and I just wanted to eat EVERYTHING IN SITE. I have not wanted to touch food much this time. We will see how that changes as the week goes on, lol.

The whole time I am writing this or thinking about chemo really, I just get super excited. ONE MORE! ONE MORE! ONE MORE! ONE MORE! I don’t think I have ever been so excited in my life. I FEEL LIKE THROWING A PARTY. May 30th cannot come soon enough!


13 DAYS!

13 DAYS!

13 DAYS!

13 DAYS!


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