Chemo Round #6, Nashville, Prom

May 2, 2017

Tuesday 10:20 am

Following treatment five, I went to Nashville, Tennessee for the weekend. I had a blast but between the constant rain and the cold, it did affect my mood and how I felt. The weather without a doubt plays on how I feel, I have noticed. The rain and cold makes me more tired and makes it harder to not breathe, but catch my breath while walking. I think that was the biggest downfall to the trip. Stupid weather. Stupid chemo.

I again went into treatment six hoping and praying it was my last treatment, but sadly I was informed that I have two more treatments. That means my last treatment should fall on May 30, 2017. Fingers crossed.

While I am bummed that I have two more treatments, I am grateful that I do not have to go through radiation. Due to my cancer being in my chest and neck they decided against radiation due to the high possibility it could lead to breast cancer because there would be no way for them to avoid the breast tissue. Me being so young, that is something they were sure they would like to avoid. Again, I am very grateful for that.

I was also informed by my oncologist that if I were reacting badly to my chemo treatments, they would have stopped at this round, round six. Due to how I was handling it they decided to continue on with two more as precaution. He informed me of studies that have been done across the country and in cases he has had himself, that stopping at six, if the cancer were to come back it could come back in as early as 3 years where the eight treatments prolongs that to 10+ years if it were going to return. Hopefully we are hoping for no return, but I am willing to suck up my whining and do the eight treatments in hopes of a better outcome for now and in the future.

This time around I am just feeling extremely bogged out and I have the occasional tummy ache. They are not anything I have not experienced with treatment before, but they just seem to be affecting me a little more. The treatments as a whole have been affecting me a little more as we continue. I am continuing with my positive attitude as I have before, but I am counting the days until it is all over. hahah.

*27 DAYS*


Enjoy some pictures from my trip to Nashville 🙂

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This past weekend, I also got suckered into going to another prom with my cousin. It was fun and I enjoyed the time with her, but made me realize how glad I am to be out of high school. hahaha.

Here are a few pictures that I have right now from the weekend.

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One thought on “Chemo Round #6, Nashville, Prom

  1. You got this girl. Hang in there. And keep writing. It’s so encouraging and sweet. I really liked you outlook on the little who asked if you were a boy or girl😊 So cute. Love ya sweetie


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