Chemo Round # 4

April 4, 2017

Tuesday, 10:00 am

Following treatment three, it did hit harder than my other treatments and I am still not sure why. The week following treatment was a lot better. I had energy, I was able to clean and even do workouts some days. It was nice. I have to admit, going through chemo, I get so much more sore vs when I would do workouts before I ever started chemo. Haha! Also, since one of the drugs I am on was reduced, the feeling my fingers has increased greatly! I still have numbness but nowhere near what it was before! It’s rather nice to have the feeling back that I do have! I also didn’t have mouth sores following treatment three, which was amazing! I did have some soreness, but no where near the pain that I had endured with previous treatments! It was great!

I went into yesterday’s treatment with a little bit different attitude than the others. The possibility that it could be the last, puts you in a little bit higher of spirits. I am really bad about getting my hopes up, even when I know I shouldn’t. I am trying not to get my hopes up too high, but it’s hard. I would not be upset if I didn’t have to get poked in my chest again lol.

The treatment itself went pretty well, I would say. I was instantly tired after this treatment, much like the first and the third. I went home and took a nap and was able to get up and do some things, only to pass out again. The only plus though, I was able to sleep through the whole night! Guys! You don’t understand what a blessing it is to sleep through the whole night when you haven’t slept through the whole night in what seems like forever! It really is the littlest things that make you the happiest! I am still feeling the effects from chemo yesterday. I am very tired, nauseous at times, and stomach pains that come and go. It isn’t really what I would categorize as a fun time. I am trying to make the most of it, but overall just wish it would go away. I still have a smile on my face, but mostly because I am hoping this is my LAST time going through this!!!!!!!!!!


I did not get a picture at chemo yesterday, but enjoy some beautiful pictures by LB Photography! She’s amazing!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here’s a link to the facebook page if anyone needs or would like their pictures done!

I had a blast taking these photos! It was a fun time out of the house and away from work! Plus Lexy, is always great company! I highly recommend her!



*Thank you all again for all the continuing support. I know I say it every time, but you all are amazing. I don’t know that I could remain as positive through all of this without all the continuous support. Really, thank you all. I will never, ever be able to say it enough! Keep being awesome! I love you all(:*



One thought on “Chemo Round # 4

  1. Your positive attitude shows me that you’re doing very well and your face is very good I know this because when I had my cancer I kept a positive attitude to


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