Chemo Round # 3

March 21, 2017

Tuesday, 10:00 am

Second round of chemo was better than the first. I had so much energy after treatment and the days following. It wasn’t until three or four days later that it all really hit me. I became so tired and sore. My body physically hurt. The numbness in my fingers never went away after my first treatment and only progressively got worse after my second treatment. I also had mouth sores again, but not nearly as bad as the first. Other than that, the second treatment was a breeze. I didn’t really have any nausea. I think I took my nausea pill a total of one time Second round was a piece of cake.

Yesterday’s treatment on the other hand was different than my first and second treatment. Again, the process remained the same so no change in that department. The difference this time, the decreased the amount of the drug they were giving me that was causing the numbness in my fingertips. The numbness has remained but it isn’t nearly as bad as it has been, so thats a plus. I felt fine after treatment and went out for lunch like I always do, but I was instantly tired after this treatment, much like my first. No matter what I do, I just can’t seem to get enough sleep. I slept when I got home and slept completely through the night. I hadn’t slept through the night completely since the night before my second treatment. It was nice, but I still ended up sleeping till noon. I really feel like a walking zombie. I also have nausea so bad this time around too. I was able to eat anything I wanted to after the first and second treatment, with this treatment I have only been able to eat things that sound good. If I think about eating anything that I am not craving it will make me extremely nauseous. It also seems that even with my nausea medicine, the nausea won’t go away. It comes and goes but won’t stay away long enough for me to get anything accomplished.

I have not been able to leave my bed today and that bothers me. I am all for being lazy, sometimes more than the next person, but I hate feeling limited when I know I have things that need to get done. I also hate that I had to call into work today, that really bothers me. They have all been really supportive through my whole diagnoses and have been willing to work with me. It has helped a lot.

Still pushing through my friends with a smile on my face and a positive attitude.


My Oncologist’s Nurse informed us, for sure, yesterday that I will have ONE more treatment, followed by a scan. This scan they will compare it to my first and see what progress treatment has done for me. From there they will decide how many more, if any, chemo treatments or even if the cancer is in a concentrated area, the possibility of radiation!

Fingers crossed, people!


Alright my people, Lebanon Fire Department has been nothing but supportive to me and my family throughout my whole cancer diagnoses. From firefighters shaving their heads for me or simply reaching out to my dad and offering help whenever they can. I mean these guys are AMAZING!

They are putting on a charity softball tournament with 100% of the proceeds benefiting the Boone County Cancer Society, in my name!

Here is a link to the Lebanon Fire Department Facebook page where it contains all the details on how to enter and get involved!


*Thank you all again for all the continuing support. I know I say it every time, but you all are amazing. I don’t know that I could remain as positive through all of this without all the continuous support. Really, thank you all. I will never, ever be able to say it enough! Keep being awesome! I love you all(


7 thoughts on “Chemo Round # 3

  1. Lifting mighty prayers for lots of things… to start feeling better, and this scan to look beautiful!!! You are fabulously awesome!!!!


  2. You’re so strong. I am at awe how strong inside and out you remain throughout this battle. You bring the word courage a whole new meaning Halie. Keep up the faith beautiful!


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